Why google Showing Your Site “Not Mobile Friendly Site

If you have the google webmaster account (Google search console). You will see some of your website show error under the Mobile Usability.

Mobile Usability Error
Mobile Usability Error Screen in Google Search Console

This is because the web designer or web developer builds the website does not prepare for the mobile first indexing.

Or some web designer using the wix.com to create the website, mobile friendly function has been disabled or by default the mobile view is disable.

Enable mobile friendly in Wixcom

You can turn it on mobile friendly to ensure faster loading time and provides your users with the best mobile experience by automatically resizing your font and images for optimal view.

How to check mobile friendly site

Some website owner doesn’t have the Google webmaster account, or some business owner doesn’t have the knowledge on creating the website. They have no idea how to check whether the website is mobile friendly or not mobile friendly. Before checking the mobile friendly site, we should
find out how many pages are indexed in Search Engine for your website.

Don’t worry, the Google search engine provide mobile friendly checking tools in google search bar. Just type “mobile friendly” you will see the tools under the search result.

Mobile-friendly test tools

Google mobile friendly checking tools
Mobile friendly test on Google Search Engine

Ather you key in the website url, then click run test. If your website is mobile friendly you will get the test result as “Page is mobile friendly”

If the website is not mobile friendly, you will get the test result as “Page is not mobile friendly”.

Page is not mobile friendly
Page is not mobile friendly

What you can do for the page is not mobile friendly? You can find the best web design Malaysia company to help you on the mobile friendly web design. But how to choose the best web design company ? You can find some idea in Blog Page.

The way to create mobile friendly site

  1. Most of the web design company will use the bootstrap responsive web design to create a mobile friendly website.
  2. Use CMS – Web content management system to create website, almost 99% of the CMS in the market have the mobile friendly build in features.
  3. For the expert App developer use the Angular framework to build web and mobile web.

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